Welcome to the Laundry Basket Laundromat located at 515 Lincoln Hwy  Rt 30 in Chicago Heights IL 60411. We are open from 6 a.m to 12 a.m Sunday through Saturday. FREE DRY with any wash purchase!!! We also provide a drop off wash and fold service. We also have a monthly raffle with great prizes. Whether it's hot or cold outside we will make sure that  you are comfortable inside while washing and drying your clothes. Also like us on www.facebook.com/laundrybasketlaundromat.com to get updates on events and specials.


Our facility provides wash and fold to our customers that need to be on the go and can't find the time to sit and wash  their  clothes. Let our friendly attendants wash and fold you clothes!!  At  $1.50 per lbs, 10 lbs minimum, we would gladly provide this service for you , so come on in and ask one of our attendants about our Wash&Fold service. 


Every washer machine in our facility gives you a free dry from 30 to 90 minutes. From our 80 lbs washer to our top load washers we guarantee a free dry. Our washer and dryers requires a card that allows you to use exact change and keep track of your free dries. The card can be used to purchase any snacks or drinks from our vending machines without having to use coins.


Inside our facility you will find 6 large flat screen TV"s that you can watch while you wait for your clothes to finish up. We also provide free WiFi. You can also enjoy a "free" cup of coffee and a doughnut while you wait for your clothes to be done. Vending machine are also available to you if you need to snack while waiting. Take the time to ask about our monthly raffle! These raffles will offer great prizes so come and enjoy the fun!!!